Reselling print from can be an awesome way to earn extra income, whether you are a part-time beginning graphic designer or a seasoned professional. We have developed a two-tiered program that will allow you to make more as you sell more!

If you are in one of the following categories, please read on!

• Graphic Designer             • Quick Print Shop             • Advertising Agency

• Marketing Firm                 • Sign Company                 • Ad Specialties Business

There are many benefits to being a reseller that include:

• You'll get great discounts on our online retail prices

• Receive special offers only for resellers

• Blind shipping

The only requirement we have is that you are a certified reseller. You must be in the print industry or reselling print, and you must have at a minimum, one form of documentation showing such.

Acceptable forms are:

• Business license of a graphic designer or print reseller (Required in California)

• Fictitious business name statement

• Resale Permit or Certificate

• Established website for print resale or graphic design

Any one of these items may be sufficient, however, is some cases we may ask for additional verification.

So, All you need to do is register on our site so you have an active account, then email us your verification. Within a few hours we will confirm and active your reseller account and discount! Discounts will be active on all orders moving forward, unfortuantley we cannot retro-act to old orders.

Please Note: Discounts, coupons and rewards points are for online orders only and cannot be redeemed manually.