Adriana Leon, Customer Service Queen
A mother of 3 lovely girls, she enjoys all the simple things in life like going to the park and eating Acai Bowls!  Photography and listening to music are among her favorite pastimes as is learning different languages!  - “I truly love my job and enjoy coming to work everyday which sometimes makes it hard to leave at the end of the day!”
Favorite Word: Awesome
Favorite Food: Guacamole
Favorite Pastime: instagram :)
Favorite Quote: All you give out comes back to you.


Jeffrey R Chrisman, Head Squirrel Wrangler
Whether it's developing new products, taking care of special orders, or rewiring for a new machine addition, long hours are second nature for Jeff.  A serial entrepreneur, he’s always at it, and if he's not in the office he's likely at the beach with his kids or tramping through the jungle!
Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Pastime: Spending time at the beach with my family
Favorite Quote: Weather you think you can or think you can't, Your right! - Henry Ford


Erick BautistaCPO: Chief Philosophy Officer…….Estimator
Erick started off as an extra bindery hand during summer break from UC Berkeley. He wasn’t particularly mechanically inclined but was very good with numbers and some how managed to graduate from Cal. (His words, lol) He’s training to become a manager, but for now can be found in his “cave” sipping on coffee as he works his estimating wizardry to give our clients the best prices around.
Favorite Food: Nachos
What Is Your Favorite Word?: Rhymes with Duck….
Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most: Lukewarm Coffee
What is your biggest pet peeve?: When people leave dirty dishes in the sink


Jess Nelson, Director of First Impressions
Jess is the glue that holds our front office together, She’s also a thrifting queen who never buys anything new if she can help it. When she’s not designing, thrifting, or trying new recipes, Jess can be found at her favorite bar accompanied by her significant other and a Moscow Mule.
Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?: I did at age four by accident! I was playing with a pair of scissors, Whoops!
Do you prefer scrambled or fried eggs?: Fried all the way, baby!
Favorite Quote: I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel. - Pee Wee Herman
Are you superstitious?: Breaking mirrors doesn’t bother me, but if a photograph falls off the wall I get super worried for the person in the picture.


Lizett Bautista, V.P of Misc. Stuff, does a little of everything
Favorite Movie: Megamind
Favorite Food: I like most food, no favorites
What Makes You Smile?: PUPPIES
Name The Thing That Annoys You The Most?: Children …but not your children.
Do you like ketchup on or beside your fries?: I don’t like ketchup
Have you ever broken a bone?: Never, I'm made of STEEL!
What is your biggest pet peeve?: When children disrespect their parents. Oh that really gets me!
What's the most daring thing you've done?: Nothing, I'm boring


Benjamin Peck, Ben is no longer at PDC but we love him so much we can't take his picture down:/
A nerd at heart, Ben has devoted his love of the obscure to his position with us. If you have a technical question regarding your project, whether its file setup or the logistics of how your job will actually be made, Ben is the guy to ask, he just asks that its not during a Liverpool game or when he’s Luchador wrestling his little boy.
Favorite Movie: C’mon law-dog, Tombstone.
Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?: Do or do not, there is no try.  So yes, every time.
What Is Your Favorite Word?: Cadywompus.
Have you ever broken a bone?: Yes, I broke my arm fighting off slavers in the Wasteland. Or I fell of the monkey bars.  


Adrian Orozco, Bindery Supervisor & Fantasy Football Coordinator
If Jess is the glue that holds the front of the shop together, then Adrian is defintely the duct tape that keeps the back from falling apart! Or is it bailing wire!?! Adrian is a mechanical wizard that keeps our machines humming to get your order out on time! When he's not at work you can find him on the football practice field with his son.
Favorite Movie: Blade Runner
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Pastime: Spending time at the beach with my family
Favorite Quote: Weather you think you can or think you can't, Your right! - Henry Ford


Oscar Molina, Wizard of Excel
Oscar has the gift of numbers or is it a curse? He has been with us through the horrible Big Commerce Days and help immensely in the launch of the new PDC site!;
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Food: Mexican and Italian
Favorite Pastime: Reading & Video Games
Favorite Quote: ''All it takes is a bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy'' -- The Joker
What’s Your Childhood Dream? To be Spiderman
What Makes You Smile? My Daughters


Luis Sifuentes, Production Department & Jack-of-all-Trades
Always in the mood for eating sweets, Luis like watching movies and spending time with my kids and going on breathtaking adventures. He loves riding motorcycles and Partying like a Rockstar! - “You'll usually find me in the break room looking for something to eat.”
Favorite Movie: Cinema Paradiso
Favorite Food: Pasta & Mexican food
Favorite Pastime: Watching Movies & Play soccer
What’s Your Childhood Dream?: Being an airplane pilot
What do you like to collect?: Wrist Bands


Esteban Basto, aka "The Doctor" - Art Department & Serious Gamer
“The Doctor” travels a lot and often brings one or more companions to share in his adventures. His companions are usually humans, as he has found a fascination with planet Earth. He tries to prevent evil forces from harming innocent people or changing history, using only his ingenuity and his versatile sonic screwdriver.
Who is your most dangerous enemy? Daleks
Favorite Quote: We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?
Favorite Food: Papadzules and anything that’s fried
Name the thing that annoys you the most: Slow internet
What is your biggest pet peeve? People that walk slowly / People that write “should of” instead of “should have"


Alejandro Avilez, Future Media Mogul
I'm the kind of person who is not afraid of the future, I just hope and hard work for a good life. My favorite music bands are Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182. Music excites me; I'm a frustrated drummer who thinks back on the musical way.
Favorite Movie: The incredibles
Favorite Food: Pizza
Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?: Laziness,  it always gets me
What Is Your Favorite Word?: “dude”
Favorite Pastime: Workout and play soccer


Cynthia Leon, Communications Assistant
The quiet one, nothing to see here! Move along, move along...
Favorite Movie: Instructions Not Included
Favorite Food: Rice
Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my family
Favorite Place: The mall


Maggie Rubio, Order Processing
If you can’t find her, she’s probably in or near the kitchen snacking on whatever is in then fridge or drinking coffee or water (by the gallon). She likes discovering new movies on Netflix and playing with Mew (pronounced me-you) (her pug), sleeping or hanging around with nieces!
Favorite Food: Carrot Cake (and she bakes a MEAN one!!)
What Makes You Smile?: Mew Von Hopp (her pug)
Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?: My Bed, never wants to let go of me
Have you ever broken a bone?: yep, with a plate and 6 screws!


Maria Luisa Leon Magaña, A/P & Mother of Max, Moxxo & Leo
Maria has never met a stranger! You'll find her buried in invoices doing her A/R - A/P, or watching a Novela in the front office breakroom. She's the proud mother of three boys age 8, 3 1/2 and 2! When she's not in the office she enjoys running in marathons and other charity runs and can often be found running, pushing a double stroller!!
Favorite Movie: Forest Gump
Favorite Food: Chicken Fajitas
Favorite Pastime: Running
Favorite Quote: Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~Norman Vincent Peale


Lucky, Faithful Companion, Loving Mascot & Terrible Watchdog
Lucky (Ambers' Lucky Boy AKC) has been a part of the ICON/PDC family for 12 long years, before PDC was actually started. He has the tough life of wandering around the office, taking a lot of naps, licking customers to death and chasing the stray cats that live behind our bodega.
Favorite Movie: Lady & the Tramp
Favorite Food: Jerky Treats
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping under someones desk
Favorite Quote: Woof, Woof Woof! Ouuuuuuuhhhhhoooo! - Marmaduke