What does your logo say about your brand?

Your logo is a part of your brand but your brand isn’t just your logo. Your brand is every interaction the client has with your company, from your parking lot to the music a client hears while on hold even to how neat the bathrooms are and everything in between, all this is a part of your brand, how crazy is that!? Who would have thought that keeping up the maintenance in your bathroom was the make it or break it point? Continue reading “What does your logo say about your brand?”

Knock’em out Cold – Calling that is…

Let’s face it, we all hate cold calling but, for many products and services, there may not be a better way to generate sales!

Buyers no longer have to rely on limited sources of information about a product or service. The landscape of business now involves increased competition, information, choices, and more resistance. It has made buying cycles longer. Continue reading “Knock’em out Cold – Calling that is…”