It’s PIZZA TIME in Quarantine Kitchen!

We LOVE pizza! I mean, who doesn’t?
Whether you like it thick-crusted with cheese and pepperoni, or a thin-crusted Margarita or the incredible “Chicago Style” pizza oozing with cheese and toppings, we just can’t get enough.

The origins of pizza are thought to date back thousands of years to the Romans that enjoyed their flat-breads with cheese and olives. It’s strange to think that the pizza as we know it didn’t even exist until after tomatoes were brought back to Europe from the “New World”. What? Continue reading “It’s PIZZA TIME in Quarantine Kitchen!”

Introducing “Quarantine Kitchen”

Like many of you, our PDC Customer Service team is working remotely during this crazy time. And like many of you, some of our staff have taken up baking or cooking new recipes in an effort to Social Distance, feed their families, or just pass the time.
Let’s make this time a little more bearable and share some of these great discoveries with each-other! Introducing the first edition of PDC’s “Quarantine Kitchen”!

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