2022-2023 Holiday Schedule

All PrintDirtCheap.com facilities will be closed for the following 2022-2023 Holidays: Please add extra days to your estimated production completion times and estimated delivery times where applicable.

Thanksgiving 2022

We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving 2022, ( YES! The whole week! Our hard-working team deserves a much-needed break! ) starting Monday, November 21st through Friday the 25th.  These days will not count as production days.

Christmas 2022

We will be closed Monday, December 26th, and Tuesday the 27th in observance of the Christmas Holiday. We will reopen again on Wednesday, December 28th with regular hours.

New Years 2023

We will be closed Monday, January 2nd in observance of the New Year. We will reopen again on Tuesday, January 3rd with regular hours.

Many of the listed days above are also holidays for freight and shipping companies. You can find their holiday schedules below.

  • USPS: For the complete 2022  operation schedule, click here.
  • FedExFor the complete 2022 holiday schedule, click here.
  • UPS (USA): For the complete 2022 operation schedule, click here (PDF download).
  • UPS (Canada): For the complete 2022 operation schedule, click here.

It’s PIZZA TIME in Quarantine Kitchen!

We LOVE pizza! I mean, who doesn’t?
Whether you like it thick-crusted with cheese and pepperoni, or a thin-crusted Margarita or the incredible “Chicago Style” pizza oozing with cheese and toppings, we just can’t get enough.

The origins of pizza are thought to date back thousands of years to the Romans that enjoyed their flat-breads with cheese and olives. It’s strange to think that the pizza as we know it didn’t even exist until after tomatoes were brought back to Europe from the “New World”. What? Continue reading “It’s PIZZA TIME in Quarantine Kitchen!”