Become a affiliate partner and earn a commission from every order made by customers you refer.

You decide how hard to hustle... You choose your commission level!

PDC Ambassador
$5 per NCA (new client account and order). At this level, you will get paid for every new client you refer to us.

$5 per NCA PLUS 5% revenue share
A fixed CPA per first-time purchase and revenue share for 12 months. You are required to have a minimum of three new customer acquisitions per quarter.

PDC Power Broker
$10-50 per NCA PLUS 8% revenue share.
A dynamic NCA depending on what service your first-time buyer purchases and revenue share for 12 months. To qualify for this level, you must maintain a minimum of two new acquisitions per month or six per quarter.


NCA order amount minimum is $20 for NCA referral fee to be paid. Power Broker NCA fee is based on first order amount of $10 for every 100 spent by the NCA capped at $50. Canceled, refunded or CSR orders are exempt from commissions. All orders bound by our terms and conditions.


Apply today by emailing us from your user account email. Include why you think you would make a great affiliate and where you will promote your code. We will respond within 72 hours.