There is only one Mother Earth. Let's take care of her.

At we feel caring for our planet is not only the right thing to do, but it's a MUST DO! Sustainability is not just a buzz word around here. Here are just a few of the steps we have taken:

 • We have been recycling all the waste material possible before it was hip. Recycling reduced our solid waste pickups to the minimum required by City Ordinance (Yeah, funny, you MUST have garbage service by law!)

 • We design the layouts of our facilities to utilize the maximum amount of natural light so we can reduce energy consumption on overhead lighting. As card card-body, when needed, we use LED lights wherever possible.

 • We minimize the amounts of solvents used in production wherever possible. We do this by using plant based inks and non-toxic dry toners, eco-solvent wide format inks and NO-V.O.C. coating materials.

 • We plant trees. One of the reasons we chose to plant trees is so we can directly help offset our carbon usage. We also do it to replace the trees we consume, even though we use FSC Certified paper whenever possible.

We would like to encourage all of our clients to take part in community projects that will lead to a better planet and support charitable causes that do the same. We support the following organizations that are making a difference in the environment:


Forest are essential to life on earth, for more than just air. Eighty percent of land-based biodiversity is in forests.
American Forests has been protecting and restoring forests for more than 140 years. And, while they may be the nation’s oldest conservation organization, their work today is more important than ever. Since 1990 alone, we have planted more than 50 million trees, helping to restore forests in all 50 states and nearly 50 countries.
Why we chose this charity: Trees (and paper) are essential to our business, and maintaining this renewable resource is vital to our sustainability.


Futaleufu RiverkeeperFutaleufu Riverkeeper   
If we pollute our rivers we poison our future. In developing countries, 70 percent of industrial wastes are dumped untreated into waters, polluting the usable water supply.
Futaleufú Riverkeeper (Fundación Futaleufú Riverkeeper) is a Chilean not-for-profit foundation established in 2012 to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the Futaleufú watershed, located in northern Patagonia. We bring legal claims against polluters and would-be dam developers, inform and mobilize community leaders to assert their rights to clean water, and advocate for national policies that ensure the permanent protection of the watershed and its communities.
Why we chose this charity: One look at the Futaleufú and you will understand…


To learn more about other charities we support, please visit Our Charities.