Why Direct Mail WORKS!

There is a question that has been around inside marketing circles: “Is Email better than Direct Mail?” Well it rather a well-established debate, each has their supporters with unique positions and arguing points. Let us suggest some points that may help you choose one or the other.

Direct mail gets delivered.

Due to abandoned email addresses, unreliable list data and spam filters the email delivery rates hover around 50%! On the other hand, the delivery rate of direct mail stands at 98%. Unbelievable right?

Direct mail does not require an opt-in.

It’s becoming more difficult getting an email delivered your target because of the anti-spam legislation. Most of the times brands are only allowed to send emails to people if they have agreed to receive emails, otherwise the company could get fined. This restriction doesn’t exist for direct mail, so there isn’t any risk for sending mail to people.

Direct mail stands out.

The average office worker receives 121 business emails a day, and more than 100 personal emails each week. This number is incredible and it’s very common for the email services to have filter tools, so most of the promotional emails get buried and not even be opened by the customer. The average mail for a household is 16 pieces of physical mail each week, this will obviously stand out more than a ton of emails.

Direct mail gets noticed.

While on an email the only way to grab the customer’s attention is using a compelling subject line, the ways to get noticed with direct mail are limited only by your imagination! You can personalize it to grab attention, and because of all this it more likely for your direct mail to be read.

Direct mail sticks around longer.

The average lifespan of an email is just 2 seconds! While people are most likely to keep mail for about 17 days, the longer the advertising time is the bigger the chance for your recipient to get engaged.

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