Don’t Overlook These Print Design Tips!

The world of print layouts may seem strange and unfamiliar, we know that! But it’s not as complicated as you may think. Whether you’re creating business cards, postcards, posters or flyers avoiding common print blunders is easy when you know how. You’ll find in this post the three most overlooked aspects when setting up files for printing, and how you can avoid them!

Forgetting to add bleed.

Let’s try to understand what does “bleed” means, this is a printing term which means bleeding your color past the edge of the document, this extension will get trimmed off the finished print later, otherwise, your design would get cut and you’ll end up with a white edge on your finished product. When creating a new document add an extra “bleed” area to your design so when your product gets cut off it stays as crisp as you created it, also don’t add images or text near the bleed area, try to keep them in a safe space.

Using a low resolution.

When setting up a file it may look fine on your screen, the problem comes when the design gets printed, if the resolution on the images wasn’t set up right the design will look blurred.The resolution and DPI determine the quality of your file. DPI stands for “dots per inch”, the more dots per inch on your design the better quality it’ll be. We recommend setting up the resolution at300dpi this will assure that your design will look awesome! Remember every time you’re creating a new design think before “Will my design get printed” if it’ll be, set the DPI to 300 asap!

Setting up at the incorrect size.

This one is very straightforward. When designing make sure you’re setting the correct size and proportions of the product you’re ordering. If you intend to place an order of our 16pt Standard business card (3.5 in x 2 in) make sure you’re setting your file to match the size of the business card size (remember to add the bleed area!)When setting up your file with the correct size you’ll end up with a digital proof that will show how exactly your file is going to look before sending it to the printer.



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