Coated Paper

Coated papers offer crisp, sharp results stark in contrast between the printed image and whitespace with a cool, slick feel. Their coated surface provides an excellent canvas for images with fine detail and offers greater contrast between the printed image and white space (known as ink snap). They are often used for magazines and high-end product catalogs requiring “glossy” or “shiny” optics, think automotive, jewelry, and appliances. 

Our Coated Papers Include: 80lb Gloss Text, 100lb Gloss Text, 100lb Gloss Cover, 14pt C2S, 16pt C2S and 16pt C1S (although on C1S only the FRONT is coated, the back is Uncoated)


Uncoated Paper

As the name implies, the paper has no coat or special finish. The surface in this type of paper is really porous, which makes it great for absorbing inks and has no type of glare or gloss; this results in warmer colors and softer prints. The uncoated surface is the best one for writing on without any smudging or smearing. For reference, all bond paper is uncoated.

Our Uncoated Papers Include: 20lb Bond, 70lb Offset, 100lb Uncoated Cover, 14pt Uncoated Cover, and 16pt Uncoated Cover. Also considered Uncoated Papers are our: Kraft and Shimmer paper stocks.


Matte Finish Paper

Matte Finish is a light clay coating that provides a smoother, non-glossy surface and a more stylish feel. Matte finish is good for producing sharper prints with vibrant colors with less refection. Using gel pens may have some smearing and make it difficult to write on. 


Opaque Paper

This paper has no coat or special finish. Hence, the surface of this type of paper is really porous and it's great for writing without smearing. In addition, this paper is opaque, meaning that images printed on the other side won't show through.


Natural / Off-White

We offer 14pt Natural Cardstock on our Postcards, Business Cards, and Greeting Cards. It has an off-white, creamy color instead of a pure white surface for a more distinguished look in your designs.


Kraft Paper

Brown paper stock with a porous surface and high tear resistance. Just like with the Uncoated Paper, the porous surface makes it great for absorbing inks and has no type of glare or gloss; this results in warmer colors and softer prints. The unique brown color gives a unique look to your cards and printed products.


Champagne Shimmer

This type of finish has a golden shimmer in the surface, adding a touch of elegance to the designs.


Pearl Shimmer

Similar to the Champagne Shimmer, but with a pearlescent metal-like shine instead.


Aqueous Coating or AQ

AQ Coating is a clear water-based coating applied to the entire sheet of our offset printed jobs. Used on our glossy papers it helps speed up drying time and reduces fingerprints and scuffs. We use AQ on all of our offset printed catalogs, flyers, and brochures.


UV Coating

UV Coating is a special clear liquid that is applied wet to a print job and then cured instantly with Ultra Violent light. We can "Flood" your print job, meaning the entire sheet is UV Coated or we offer Spot UV Coating on some products. With Spot UV you can coat only certain elements, for example, on your logo or some special text to make only it glossy, creating contrast between the paper stock and your design. We also offer Spot Raised UV which adds a little bevel to the designated area and gives it a whole other dimension, kind of a shiny embossed finish.


Cold Foil

This finish uses a fast and cost-effective process where a metal-like foil is applied on top of your design and then curated with UV light. This process results in a metallic shine effect in a wide array of colors that will make all your designs shimmer and pop to the eye.


Foil Stamping

Foil stamping consists of machines that use heat and glue to transfer metallic foil to a specific area of your design. We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold color foil and it’s a great way to add a metallic shine to your design for eye-catching results.