- Safe Zone: All critical elements (text, images, graphic elements, logos) must be kept inside the blue box.

- Trimming Zone: Please allow 0.125 in cutting tolerance around your work.

- Bleed Zone: Make sure to extend the background images or colors all the way to the edge of the black outline (0.125 in).


When the artwork extends all the way past the trim line to the edge of the card, that's called bleed.


The space within the blue line is called the safety space and that's where all the important information and elements should be to keep them from being cut off.


- Incorrect: The background colors do not extend to the bleed zone. This could result in white edges after trimming.


- Incorrect: The text and logo are outside the safe zone. This could result in them being cut off.


- Correct: The background colors are extended to the bleed zone and all the important information is within the safe zone.


What is Bleed? from PrintDirtCheap.com on Vimeo.